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The Dumnonian Compass
The Journeys Into Dumnonia

Darcy Bennett just wants to be normal. Normal clothes, normal friends, a normal life...

But between her parent's antics and the mysterious creatures that keep turning up, 'normal' is not happening for her.

Darcy is the daughter of two eccentric, and obsessive archaeologists, who are so work focused, they often seem to forget she exists.

On a family holiday to Cornwall, Darcy discovers there is a task before her and it is hers alone; one that challenges her ideas about the world and more so, about herself.

In exploring the strange happenings, Darcy becomes trapped in an alternate world where the rules are vastly different from those she knows. Sent on a journey by a stranger, Darcy begins to understand that being true to herself is more important than 'fitting in', and friends can be made in the most unlikely of places.

She realises her physical journey is to find a way back home; yet her emotional discovery is to value real love, true loss and the knowing of the right things; this is the hardest path for Darcy to travel...


"A coming-of-age story blended with wonderous and enlightening places and beings that create an overall tale of enjoyment that Lewis Carroll himself would love...well done on this exceptional book and I do look forward to continuing the story with Darcy soon..." - Amanda, Indiebooks reviewer



THE THRILLING SECOND INSTALMENT TO THE DUMNONIAN COMPASS, WITH OLD FRIENDS, NEW ADVENTURES AND MUCH MORE… With her eighteenth birthday looming, Darcy Bennet is restless. Dumnonia seems no more than a distant memory of a dream, and now, Darcy wonders if any of it was actually real.

Darcy is drawn back to places and people that connect her to the events of three summers ago. With barely enough time to breathe, she finds herself thrust back in the thick of another journey into Dumnonia.

Darcy returns to the world of myths and magic to seek out her old friends and loves but waiting for her in this world she has come to love, is a new journey she had not expected to take...

Adventure is waiting but beware, danger lurks in the shadows...

“A wonderful addition to an amazing first tale… Great writing, great plot and enjoyable twists… A story for all to enjoy again and again…” Margret, Indie Book reviewer

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